Knowledge Representation in artificial intelligence

Knowledge Representation in artificial intelligence

1 – introduction

Throughout this book we’ll be discussing representations. the explanation for this can be that so as for a pc to resolve a tangle that relates to the $64000 world, it 1st desires how to represent the $64000 world internally. In addressing that mental object, the pc is then ready to solve issues.

This chapter introduces variety of representations that area unit used elsewhere during this book, like linguistics nets, goal trees, and search trees, and explains why these representations give such a strong thanks to solve a large vary of issues.
This chapter additionally introduces frames and also the approach within which inheritance may be wont to give a strong naturalistic system.
This chapter is illustrated with variety of issues and appropriate appropriate which will be wont to solve those issues.

2 – the necessity for a decent illustration

As we’ll see elsewhere during this book, the illustration that’s wont to wont to downside is extremely vital. In different words, the approach within which within which represents a tangle, the variables it uses, and also the operators it applies to those variables will build the distinction between associate economical algorithmic program associated an algorithmic program that doesn’t work all. this can be true of all Artificial Intelligence issues, and as we have a tendency to see within the following chapters, it’s important for search.
Imagine that you simply area unit searching for a lense that you simply born on a football field. you may most likely use some information regarding wherever you were on the sector to assist you rummage around for it. If you stayed in just half the sector, you are doing not have to be compelled to waste time wanting within the spouse.
Now allow us to suppose that you simply area unit having a pc search the sector for the lense, associated allow us to additional suppose that the pc has access to an wise oracle that may answer questions about the sector and might and might whether or not the lense is in a very specific spot.

Now we have a tendency to should select a illustration for the pc to use in order that it will formulate the right inquiries to raise.

One illustration may well be to possess the pc divide the sector into four equal sq.s and raise the oracle for every square, “Is the lens during this square?” this may determine the placement on the sector of the lens however won’t extremely be terribly useful to you as a result of you may still have an oversized space to go looking once you discover that quarter of the sector the lens is in.
Another illustration may well be for the pc to possess a grid con￾taining a illustration of each atom contained within the field. for every atom, the pc may raise its oracle, “Is the lens in-tuned with this atom?”

This would provides a terribly correct answer so, however would be a particularly inefficient approach of finding the lens. Even a particularly powerful pc would take a awfully while so to find the lens.
Perhaps a more robust illustration would be to divide the sector up into a grid wherever every sq. is one foot by one foot and to eliminate all the squares from the grid that you simply recognize area unit obscurity close to wherever you were once you lost the lens. This illustration would be way more useful.

In fact, the illustrations we’ve got represented for the lense downside area unit all extremely a similar representation, however at completely different levels of graininess.
The tougher downside is to see the info structure that may be wont to represent the matter we have a tendency to area unit exploring. As we’ll see throughout this book, there area unit a large vary of representations utilized in computer science.

When applying computer science to go looking issues, a useful, efficient, and meaningful illustration is crucial. In different words, the representation ought to be specified the pc doesn’t waste an excessive amount of time on pointless computations, it ought to be specified the illustration extremely will relate to the matter that’s being solved , and it ought to give a method by that the pc will truly solve the matter.
In this chapter, we glance at variety of representations that area unit utilized in search, and specially we’ll cross-check search trees, that area unit used throughout this a part of the book.

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